Happy World Photo Day

Sony celebrates World Photo Day with kickoff of new campaign, and updates on Kando 3.0

Happy World Photo Day!!

Today, August 19th is World Photography Day, and Sony's celebrating photography and photographers with the release of this new BeAlpha campaign video, called The World IS Waiting For Your Perspective.


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Sony's Kando Event

Sony just wrapped up the third annual Kando trip, in Sunriver Oregon, where creators from around the world gathered and collaborated together on photo and video shoots in the beauty of the region. Please let me know if you'd like any more information about Kando.

Some fun facts from Kando

  • 500 total attendees
  • 110 Artisans and Collective members
  • 322 people took out a combined 1300 pieces of equipment, including 150 of the new Sony a7 IV, the Sony FE200-600mm f/5.6-6.3 lens and the Sony FE 600mm f/4 GM OSS

Kando Coverage

Here are a few Instagram stories from the event that are nicely done



Sony and User Feedback

Finally, Matt Parnell from Sony spoke on the Alpha Universe podcast about how your direct feedback has made the camera system better. I thought you’d like to hear what he had to say:

The section on user feedback starts at around 8:00 and I think it shows how committed Sony is to moving digital imaging forward with the help of users everywhere.

"We're always looking for feedback from our customers. How can our products get better, how can we change, what else do we need to do to make a more effective tool for them to use. So having the engineers here, having the Tokyo team here, and others who take that feedback and can give it direct to product planners, and direct ​ to the highest level of the imaging business on the Tokyo side is very helpful.

A lot of the feedback we've gotten on Kando trip and other events in the last few years has been directly implemented onto our cameras. It's the reason Alpha 7 ​ IV has different ergonomics compared to cameras in the past. It's the reason why we've continued to improve Alpha 9 with features that allow pros to be more effective working in the field, it's the reason why the RX100 VII we finally have a microphone input.

This type of feedback, this voice of our customer is absolutely critical to what we're focused on as a company and the more we're able to implement that the better.”

Again, happy World Photo Day. Please feel free to reach out if there's anything you need.



David Schloss

VP, PixelShift

[email protected]

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